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What is Fantasy League?

A Fantasy League is a collection of different sports games like cricket, football, hockey, basketball,
volleyball etc. that is played virtually over the internet usually on a mobile app. In Fantasy Sports Game a user or a participant creates & assemple a virtual team of its own choice using the statistics of the real player or a sports game. ‚ÄčThese groups contend dependent on the factual presentation of those players in genuine games. This presentation is changed over into focuses that are assembled and added up to as indicated by a program chose by each fantasy group's administrator. These point frameworks can be adequately straight forward to be physically determined by a "association magistrate" who arranges and deals with the general association, or focuses can be incorporated and determined utilizing PCs following genuine consequences of the real sports game. In fantasy sports, group proprietors draft, exchange and cut (drop) players, similarly to genuine games.


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