What to do if I desire you to eliminate specific copyrighted comments from your site?
Please note that we do not organize any copyrighted content on this site. The remarks (message) contain just info shared by users that do not have information that may be copyrighted in any way. Nevertheless, I supply a solution to get rid of comments from my site if the copyright holder of the content demands so. These elimination demands are just legitimate if:

You are, or your firm is, the copyright owner of the web content in question.
You supply the exact URLs to the remark.
You provide the complete name(s) of the web content in inquiry.
You send the removal demand making use of a proven e-mail address (e.g., [email protected]/yourcompany.com).

If your request abides with all of these policies, send out a mail to [email protected] Would you please keep the document respectful?
I remove postings as quickly as I can, generally within four days. Keep in mind that I can only deal with elimination demands that abide by the above guidelines.